but maybe it may inspire you and you don’t think to QUIT.

Okay so this is the first time I am disclosing what I actually used to make, and it’s around Mid 4 figures, Yeah I am talking about the profits.

So basically, if you don’t know me, I am Ashu Gandhi and I used to do many things like

Web designing




Social Media Management

So, I used to have 5 sources of income and well not appreciating myself, but I have a decent reputation in the ONLINE WORLD.

Obviously, making this much money kind of brings EGO along with it and yeah I used to think I have achieved a lot.

Okay so let’s just skip the part where I tell you tales about my success and all and let’s keep this article confined to the Title.

There comes a time in your life when you think you are made to do something “BIGGER”, and in order to give yourself the initial push, you gotta “STEP BACK”

Lesson Learnt : Learn to know when to GIVE UP for greater GOOD

I took a great step to continue masters in FRANCE and reducing all the things I am doing from FULL-TIME to Part-Time

I understand the youth nowadays are like “EDUCATION” and “COLLEGE” is not important as long as you are happy and making money, So, ITS JUST MY PERSPECTIVE, there is hell of difference in talking to a person who is an IITian or IIM’s or from IVY College than to a normal millionaire.

Making it CRYSTAL CLEAR – I loved what I used to do and I was making good money. I had complete support of my family and they support me as an entrepreneur, despite owning a settled business.

So, I left everything and completed all my projects and came to FRANCE. Obviously I didn’t stop what I was doing so I prepared 3 months in advance in building a team of teens to support me (I could choose any professional but I preferred teens and train them the way I wanted), thinking that they will be able to learn and manage and develop the skill which took me 3 years to develop.

So, it didn’t come out to be a SUCCESS as they were not ready to deal with the big projects and slowly slowly my earning began to drop. And me not focusing on the projects lead to complete drop in the income.

Lesson Learnt : Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan

You might be wondering why I am talking shit and what the purpose of this post/blog is?

I am in all the blogging groups in India (main one’s) and I see people/kids who are thrust into this digital world and they wonder here and there to make some money, Some are at their mid 20’s trying to figure out shit.

So this is a piece of advice from a person who is about to start from scratch

1. Be Consistent: I know almost all the things, from blogging to Dropshipping, but if you ask me am I an expert in any, I would say “NO” because I was never consistent, even though I made profits out of everything I did. Learn to be consistent because short term profits don’t matter at all.

2. Be Patient: How many years have you invested in this line? I have invested 3 as of now and I have got pretty good results. You invested more than me then probably you were either “STUPID” or “Less Privileged”. “No Offence” but I used the harsh words because 95% of the people implement what they learn from someone,

The Process is

Learn —– Improvise —– Implement

Good things take time you just have to stick long enough


So be patient, Step back, analyse yourself and instead on knowing


Try to figure out “WHO YOU ARE NOT” – try elimination process, works for me

3. Develop Skill not Money: Each day 10 kids message me saying can you please teach us HOW TO MAKE MONEY?

Bro if I could teach someone how to make money don’t you think my family would be a billionaire?

And to be honest with that one line you gave me an impression that you are not after the Learning, you are after MONEY.

Try developing skill, because sooner or later you will make money.

4. Learn to appreciate: Learn to appreciate someone who helps you or guides you. How many of you comment/tag/share or try to engage in the post that your mentor puts on his profile? We all working socially and we know how algorithms works.

Try to think from a mentor’s perspective- He takes out time to teach you, he put 1 year learning the stuff and shares the value in 30 mins with you, He has every right to charge you but did he?

Small gestures matter more, Comment on the posts, tell your friends to comment. Review their company page on Google business or FB page. Help them out or provide your service to free. Believe me you do 10%, they will do 100% in return

5. Be Self-Dependent: The first question I get by people is, How to learn Digital Marketing?

The simple answer is “GOOGLE”, dude! I did it from Google and I am an average guy. At least try to type and watch few hours of videos and then come up with queries. It’s always good to message someone with some basic knowledge. No one has the time to teach you for free and it’s not a selfish thing but a practical one.

Take out 5 months from your life. Choose 1 thing you wish to do, invest those 5 months into just learning that thing and then see the miracles.

Why will someone make you money? They can guide you but in the end you have to figure out what works for you.

As I said before, I am making $0 now. So, does that mean I am not good enough? Millions of people around the world think they are not good enough because they messed up.

Instead of looking it that way, let’s sit back and think we (basically I) am completely at ground ZERO now. The only thing that can happen to me is “GOOD” and that’s one positive thing from being at the lowest point, you can’t go any low.

So what I am exactly gonna do now?

– Sit Back

– Analyse

– Plan

– Learn few things

– Tie Up

– Execute

And then again I start with a complete new thing. Let’s see what amazing things unfolds in future, Because what I have realized after achieving my CHILDHOOD DREAM is “THINGS WORKOUT IN THE END

Want to know what my childhood dream was which was fulfilled recently?

DM me on my instagram: theashuagandhi

Hope you enjoyed what you read.

Want to enter in Online World? DM/IB me. I will be happy to help you but please do some initial searching.

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