Let’s “Add Value” to our Instagram account, 

Value? Confused? 

Let me break it out to you into simpler words. We gonna make a list of 30 people. and these will be the people who will help us grow our Instagram account and achieve our first 500 followers.

Unleash your Instagram Account

Unleash your Instagram Account’s full potential

Let’s divide it into 3 parts.

Part 1

Know your shortcomings

It is very important to know what exactly are our shortcomings, Know your flaws and then work on it. To know that limiting factor we will make a list of 5 people who are your idols (Idols means someone/something you want to be like)

Open their profiles and see why these people are growing so much. What is the distinguishing factor, why are they being loved by the people?

Know your shortcomings

So, once we have the list, analyze their profile closely and figure out the limiting points. It can be anything like photography, post, description, dance, graphics, video style, etc.

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Now after knowing all the things you need to know the “GAP” we need to understand 2 things

  1. What is needed: These are the things which we need to overcome that gap, For eg., for a professional photoshoot a camera is required and if we don’t have that, it comes under the “needed” list. There can be a number of things that we need to become like our idol. You don’t have to be sad if the list of things that you need is long, there are always a number of ways to get the work done.
  2. What we have: In this list, we all going to write down all our resources, The things we have and can be used to make our profile better. I know you might be thinking now that it’s of no use as the resources you have are only 10 and what you need are 100, but believe me, if you know how to use your those 10 resources you will realize the GAP is not that much.

Part 2

Know Where YOU ARE!!

Know Where YOU ARE

Now we have all the things and we know the GAP. Let’s move onto the second part

Make a list of 15 people who are like you and try to engage with those people. You can like/comment on their posts and do shoutouts for shoutouts or become friends with them.

So, the reason why this part is important is that all these people are having the same follower range and all of them want to grow as much as you want to. If you try to connect and engage with them, they will definately engage with you as well.

Part 3

Yes yes, this is the last part. Now make another list of 10 people who have more followers than you. If you have 1000 followers, then start making a list of 5000 followers. This is important because this is your immediate goal and the people engaging with these people are likely to have more followers than you and have the same will to engage with everyone they interact with. The aim here is to win their trust and get more shout-outs which will ultimately help you reach out to a completely new audience.

discover your instagram

So why did we do all this?

The answer is simple, we want to grow our account and capture most of the audience and how are we going to do it?

The key is “Shout-out”, we will be targetting people of different cities/states and countries to get story mentions which will help us to get discovered to more number of people and capture an audience of an entirely new region. 

Spend atleast 30-40 mins a day and engage with people. It will help you unlock your profile’s potential and will help boost your profile.

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