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This page contains the Terms and Conditions under which the Visitor may visit the Sparkupreach website. It is advised to go through this page carefully. If you don’t approve the Terms and Conditions stated on this page, it is recommended to leave this website. To reevaluate the terms and conditions, it is advised to revisit this page regularly, since they are binding.


All the headings, logos, addresses, numerals, products, shapes, or any combinations that appear on this website are assets that are owned or used under the license by the organization or its associated entities operating on this website. The use of any other content on this website, except provided in these terms and conditions, is restricted.
It is strictly prohibited to sell or alter the contents of this website. You cannot display, distribute, or use the materials present on this website for any commercial or public purpose without the permission of our organization.



Users are strictly prohibited from making any attempt that violates the security of our website, including, without limitations
  1. Gaining access to the data that is not meant for the users or logging into an account or the server that the user is not allowed to access
  2. Attempting to locate, search or test a device or network vulnerability or to bypass safety or verification measures without proper approval
  3. Attempting to inhibit the operations of other users, host, or network, comprising, without limitation, by sending a virus or Trojan Horse to our website or by mail bombing, overloading, or crashing.
  4. By sending emails that include product promotions or ads
Network and system security breaches can lead to criminal or civil violations. Our business entities will have the right to investigate if the suspect any violation of the security rules and will have the full power to involve and cooperate with the law execution authorities in impeaching the visitors who violate the rules.

B)General Rules

Visitors are not allowed to use the Sparkupreach website to allocate, transmit or destroy material
  1. that might encourage crime or violate any law
  2. that would invade the trademark, copyright, trade secret, or any other property rights of others or violate the privacy
  3. That is defaming, pornographic, bullying, rude or hateful.


The consumer unilaterally agrees to guarantee without objection, the Company, its officers, directors, staff, and agents from and any claims, acts/demands/liabilities/damages/injuries arising out of their use of sparkupreach.com or their violation of the terms and conditions.


Under this condition, the user accepts that neither the company Sparkupreach or its associate companies, directors, officers, and employees are responsible for any direct/indirect/subsidiary/substantial damages arising out of the use or failure to use our services.
The user also agrees that the company, Sparkupreach will not be responsible for any damages that result from termination or suspension of service, including but not limited to a direct, indirect, subsidiary, substantial damages whether such termination was justified or not, negligent or deliberate, unintentional or intentional.
Users also agree that the company, Sparkupreach will not be liable to the user regarding the conduct or the statements of any third party. In summary, the overall liability of the Company to the customers for all costs shall in no case exceed the total amount paid to the Company by the customer, if any, which is relevant to the cause of action.


Under no circumstances shall the company or any organization associated with the corporate brand referred to in this website will be responsible for any damage (consequential and incidental, profits or loss, loss of data, business interruption, or hardware damage) resulting from the inability to use our website and its services, based on contract, warranty or some other principle of law and whether or not individuals or organizations have been told of the likelihood of such damages.