Hey, in this article, I will tell you guys how I made money by doing a simple thing which is called “Video Editing”

Okay so before I start I would like to tell you that I don’t have any designing knowledge nor do I know any video editing skills.

How I made Rs. 55,000 Profit

So here I begin

We all know that promo video/product explanatory videos and animated videos are in trend nowadays, But they were not that common a year back. So, I was a newbie and with ZERO skills I wanted to make some money.

So, I began exploring for video making software and managed to stumble upon a website called “Rawshorts

So, that was an amazing website which made super-cool animated videos within seconds

So, I knew I could make money from it so I began investing time in it and started to explore more. I searched 100s of websites but “Rawshorts” was best amongst them. So now lets again start the journey

DAY 1 to DAY 5

I started to watch videos of different startups, ventures, and products and made a chart on what and which kind of videos demand is mostly in the market


So, in these days I had signed up for free in the website and began designing/making and fiddling with the demo templates and videos. I used to give 4 to 5 hrs a day to this thing and began to develop and improve my editing skills.

Apart from this.. remember I had a chart … So I began finding clients who would need these type of videos.

DAY 16

So, now when I had the list of clients I would pitch and had a decent skill set on videos, I finally purchased the premium version in which I was allowed to create 25 videos for $40.

Now Here is the “Catch” the thing most of the people do wrong. 99% of the people I know would at this stage go and start pitching clients.

So, to all those, I would just ask 1 simple question.

Why would anyone invest money on a complete fresher?

So for the next 7 days say I started to make very good videos of all the businesses my relatives owned. I made 10 videos so now, I had 10 videos as a portfolio and of genuine businesses which was more than a proof for people to believe in me that I get business and I was in the industry and I know how to sell.

Day 24

Now!!!! I had the skill, I had a portfolio and I had a list of the client I had to pitch. With the help of my brother, I prepared a pitch and started to reach them one by one.

I began selling 1 video for 300rs (duration was 3 mins)

For me, 300 was a big deal as I was new and I only had 20 days to sell 15 videos so I sold them for any amount I got.

As my portfolio got stronger my rates got higher


On average I sold 15 videos for 400 each

So till now, my investment was

$40= Rs2800

and my return was

15×400= Rs6000

In a nutshell after 45 days (15 days skill development and then 1 month of subscription period) I was in a profit of 3200 INR

So was not all?? Well Nah… The real game starts now

Now if you see I had 15 clients and 25 videos as my portfolio. So now it was time to pitch foreign clients. And tbh they are the ones who give you good money

Now again I purchased the subscription

So, Now I had 25 videos which I could sell.

2 complete days I invested to make the chart of people I wanted to sell my videos

On average I used to charge foreign client 30-40$ for 5 min video.

Let’s take $30 only for the video I sold


So the profit was $710=Rs 50,000 approx

Hence, I made 55,000 profit in 2 months, though it’s not a very high amount but still for a started it was heaven like feeling, P.S: Please do consider some facts, I had few contacts in US which helped me get clients, apart from that I had done intensive research and invested 5-7hrs a day in client hunt only. It might sound easy but it was not that easy INITIALLY but yeah the second month was like just investing 2-3hrs a day and BOOMMM… I could see the money inn.

If you wish to get in touch with me, please don’t hesitate to drop me or ping me

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