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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is an electric record, which is in the form of an electronic agreement that is formed under the Information Technology Act 2000, and the regulations made thereunder and the amended provisions of the digital information in diverse statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act 2000. No digital, physical or electronic signature is required by this privacy policy.
This privacy policy is an officially binding file between you and Sparkupreach (both terms described underneath). Upon your acceptance of this Privacy Policy, the terms and conditions of this privacy policy shall apply (in electronic form, directly or indirectly by clicking in the I agree tab) and it will regulate the relationship between your and Sparkupreach for the use of Sparkupreach website.
This document is written and construed in compliance with the provisions of the 2011 rules on Information Technology (Reasonable Security Policies and Procedures and Confidential Personal Information Data) under the Information Technology Act, 2000; requiring the publication of privacy Policy for the collection, use, storage and transmission of sensitive personal data.
Please go through this Privacy Policy cautiously by using the Sparkupreach website and indicate that you understand, consent to, and adhere to this Privacy Policy. Please do not use this website if you do not approve the provisions of this Privacy Policy.
By using the facilities provided by this website and by giving us your Information, You hereby agree to the assemblage, storage, handling, and transfer of your personal and non-personal information by us. Furthermore, you accept that such compilation, use, storage, and transfer of your data shall not cause any wrongful gain or loss to your or any other person. 


Users are required to deliver certain information for the registration procedure to access the services provided by our website namely: a) name, b) email address, c) gender, d) age, e) PIN code, f) debit card and credit card details, g) medical record and history, h) sexual orientation,i) biometric information, j) password, and your occupation and interests. This information helps us to provide user- friendly services to our customers.
All the information needed is service dependent and we can use the above-mentioned user information to retain, safeguard, and enhance its services (including advertisement services) and to create new services.
Such information shall not be deemed confidential if it is available publicly and reachable in the public realm or is equipped under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other legislation.


Our site may use “cookies” or other identical electronic tools to gather information to provide each user a special, arbitrary number as a Unique Identification (User ID) to comprehend the individual preferences of the user using the recognized device. This is done to increase the receptiveness of the site for our customers. We would have no way of knowing your identity except if you willingly recognize yourself , even though we allocate a cookie to your device. The only private data that a cookie can contain is the data provided by you (for instance when you request our). A cookie cannot access the
data present in your hard drive. Cookies can also be assigned by our advertisers to your browser (if you click on their ads) and it is a process that is not controlled by Sparkupreach.
When a user visits our site, our web servers robotically collect the minimal information about the link of their device to the Internet, including their IP address. (IP address lets the Internet attached computers know where to send the user info, such as the web pages they view). You are not recognized personally by your IP address. Upon request, we use this information to deliver our web pages to you, to modify our websites according to the preferences of our users, and to let the advertisers know about the geographical location of our visitors.


This Privacy Policy specifies the privacy practiced by the Sparkupreach website only. Our website provides links to other websites that are not under our jurisdiction. We are in not responsible for the use of such websites by you.


We only share the personal details of our users without their consent to the third party under the following restricted circumstances:
a)When any court or governmental agency or authority requires disclosure of information for identity authentication, or the investigation or detection of cyber accidents, or to punish and prosecute offenses. Such disclosures are done in virtuous faith and in the belief that such revelation is appropriate to comply with the relevant laws and regulations for the compliance of these terms.
b)We intend to share this information with the officers and personnel of its group companies to process the personal information on its behalf. We also guarantee that the recipients of such information approve to process it only on our orders.


We take adequate security measures to guard against illegal access, exposé, or annihilation of data. This involves an internal assessment of our data collection, data processing, and storage practices and protection measures (encryption and physical security measures) to protect against illegal access to the networks where personal data is stored.
Our controlled database safely secures all the information collected on our website. Our database is housed behind a firewall on encrypted servers, access to these servers is password protected and strictly limited. However, no matter how powerful our security systems are, no safety device is impenetrable. We take no guarantee of the security of our database nor can we guarantee you that the information you provide us will not be captured while being conveyed to us on the Internet.
The Internet however is an ever-evolving medium. From time to time, we can make amendments in our Privacy Policy to incorporate appropriate future changes. Of course, the use of any data by us will still be consistent with the policy under which the data has been obtained, irrespective of what the new Privacy Policy may be. 

Redressal mechanism

Any complaint, violation or concern relating to the substance or statement or the infringement of these Terms shall be immediately notified to the appointed Grievance Officer, as stated below, by electronic signature in writing or by email to  [email protected]