Instagram post on Explore Section: Millions of creators around the world are trying to be famous on Instagram, which means getting a good number of followers, likes, and comments on every post.

So what makes a post go VIRAL?

Why do some of the most get better reach than others?

The answer is simple, The Explore Page.

What is the Explore Section?

The Explore Page/Section is the one where your posts get discovered by the community that is not following you. If you are looking to gain followers and massive engagement, then this is the section you are aiming for. This section is the key for any post to get viral. Not all the posts that reach the explore section get viral, but chances to get massive engagement and following does increase by 5x.

How can I get my post to Explore section

No one knows exactly how a post will come to explore section, but sure some ways can help you and give you a head start to get your post to this section. Many of us ignore these things; thus, our post suffers because of our ignorance.

Proper Description

proper description

Descriptions are essential. If you know about SEO, then you understand why and how much important meta descriptions are when it comes to optimizing your blog. Similarly, descriptions add value to your post. Writing long, relevant, and engaging descriptions help your user to understand better about your post. We should have a well-structured description of each post, which includes keywords, questions, and detailed idea of the post.

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Timing of Post

timing of the post

On Instagram, timing plays a crucial role. We should post when followers are most active. One thing that works for me is to post 15 mins before the time when your followers are active. To know when our followers are most active, we should go to our “Insights/Analytics” section. In the analytics section, the time and date of your active followers are provided. We should have an eye on it and post accordingly.

Engagement in Comments

engagement in the comments

The first one hour after we post is the most important. It helps Instagram understand how much active our followers are and how much quality is our post providing to the community. We should reply to all the comments in the first 1 hour. More the comments mean more engagement, and with each comment, our post gets a boost.


consistency of posting

Consistency is the KEY, be it Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other Social Media Platform, if you are not consistent, you can’t grow. All platforms need your involvement and demand your daily contribution to the community. Putting one post each day is a minimum you can do to tell the platform that you are active. 

Quality of Posts

quality content

 Quality matters a lot, It’s better to have one good post than ten bad posts. But what does quality mean?

It means that we are creating our content, providing value, helping others in some way, using good quality images, and having no copyright on the pictures. These are the few things that determine the quality of the post.

Use of Hashtags

hashtags instagram

Hashtags are the most researched topic on Instagram. Everyone is searching for working hashtags. Using the right hashtags can really help to increase your reach of the post. 

Understand this thing. Hashtags don’t help you gain followers or likes, and it only helps you get more reach and be discovered by more people.

We can use up to 30 hashtags on a post and up to 10 hashtags on our story. We should mix hashtags (Small, Medium, and Big ) and use those in our post.

These were the main things if you take care of can help you get discovered by more people. The aim should not be getting growth in the number of followers only, but the complete profile as a whole should grow. 

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