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How to Create Viral Instagram Reels on Repeat

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Are you ready to skyrocket your Instagram growth? If you’re looking to make a mark on the platform, Instagram Reels should be your go-to strategy. As Instagram ramps up its efforts to compete with TikTok, Reels have become a priority. But here’s the real game-changer – creating viral Instagram Reels. It’s not as elusive as it may sound; with the right tips, you can make a significant impact.

Why Go Viral?

Before we dive into the secrets of crafting viral Reels, let’s understand why it’s worth the effort. Viral Reels can catapult your visibility, with each reel generating thousands of views. Imagine gaining thousands of new followers in just a few days – that’s the power of a viral Reel. And the best part? This isn’t a one-off phenomenon; countless influencers have experienced remarkable growth through viral content.

Beyond the vanity metrics, a higher follower count opens doors to high-paying client opportunities and lucrative Instagram sponsorships. So, let’s cut to the chase and explore what makes certain content go viral.

What Makes Reels Go Viral?

The heart of a viral Reel often beats with inspiring storytelling. Craft narratives that resonate with your audience, touching upon experiences that inspire and uplift. The more relatable your story, the more likely it is to strike a chord with a specific audience, fostering a connection that transcends the digital realm.

Short and Shareable: The Power of Brevity

In the realm of Instagram Reels, brevity is the secret sauce. Aim for a sweet spot between 8 to 12 seconds – a duration that retains attention and ensures replay value. The shorter your Reel, the more shareable it becomes, aligning perfectly with the platform’s preference for quick, engaging content.

Music and Relatability: Harmonizing Experiences

Music holds the power to enhance relatability. Choose soundtracks that resonate with your message and audience. Additionally, infuse your Reel with relatable commentary on common experiences. By combining music with relatability, you create a harmonious blend that captivates viewers and encourages them to share the experience.

Unveiling the Twelve Tips: Crafting Consistent Virality

Now, let’s lift the curtain on the twelve tips that can transform your Instagram Reels into consistent viral hits:

Replay and Watch Time: Maximize Potential

To increase the chances of your Instagram Reels going viral, focus on creating shorter videos. The algorithm rewards completion time and replays, making shorter videos more likely to be shared and rewatched. Aim for concise, engaging content that users will want to revisit.

Quick Capture: Grab Attention in 3 Seconds

In the fast-scrolling world of Instagram, capturing attention is crucial. Ensure that the most engaging part of your Reel happens within the first 3 seconds. Whether it’s through text, visually stunning content, or a well-timed beat drop, make those initial moments count.

Textual Narration: Incorporate Text for All Audiences

Recognize that not all users watch videos with sound. Incorporate text throughout your Reel to narrate the story, making it accessible to a broader audience. This also serves to keep viewers engaged, as they can follow the narrative even without audio.

Create a Series: Keep Viewers Coming Back

Break down extensive content into a series of Reels. By creating a thematic series, you encourage viewers to return for more. This strategy builds anticipation and loyalty, fostering a dedicated audience for your content.

Add a Call to Action: Remind Users to Follow

Don’t let your Reel end without prompting action. Add a call to action (CTA) in the last few seconds, encouraging viewers to follow you. This simple reminder can significantly impact your follower growth.

Strategic Hashtags: Increase Visibility

Harness the power of strategic hashtags. Research and choose relevant hashtags to improve the discoverability of your Reels. Aligning your content with popular and niche hashtags enhances its visibility on the platform.

Feed Integration: Broaden Exposure

Optimize the reach of your Reels by posting them to your Instagram feed. Before making your Reel live, Instagram gives you the option to share it on your profile grid. Embrace this opportunity for broader exposure, but feel free to hide the Reel on your grid if it doesn’t align with your overall aesthetic.

Custom Covers: Enhance Visual Appeal

Design custom covers for your Reels to ensure they seamlessly integrate into the visual aesthetic of your feed. Platforms like Canva can assist in creating eye-catching covers that not only attract attention but also contribute to the overall visual appeal of your Instagram profile.

Combine with Microblogs: Boost Engagement

Pairing Reels with microblogs—long-form captions that include a call to action—can significantly boost engagement. Encourage users to save your post, increasing visibility and interactions. This combined approach keeps your audience engaged for a longer duration.

Cross-Promotion to TikTok: Expand Reach

Extend the reach of your content by cross-promoting your Reels on TikTok. This not only increases visibility but also directs a new audience to your Instagram, potentially resulting in additional follower growth. Sharing Reels on Instagram Stories is another effective cross-promotion strategy.

Consistent Posting: Optimum Exposure

Consistency is key. Aim to post Reels consistently, with a frequency of 3-5 times per week. This regular posting schedule maximizes exposure and engagement, contributing to sustained growth over time.

Stay attuned to trending sounds, challenges, and themes on Instagram. Leveraging these trends in your Reels increases the likelihood of wider reach and potential virality. Adding your unique spin to trending content can capture the attention of users already engaged with popular trends.

Editing Your Viral Reels

While Instagram offers in-app editing for Reels, using external apps like InShot can enhance your editing capabilities. Apps like InShot provide features such as color grading, transitions, text overlays, and more. Experimenting with these tools allows you to develop a unique editing style that elevates the overall quality of your Reels.


While there’s no guaranteed formula for viral content, these tips stack the odds in your favor. Consistency, creativity, and a finger on the pulse of trends are your best allies. So, gear up, experiment with these tips, and let your creativity shine through your Instagram Reels. Ready to make a splash on the platform? Start crafting those viral Reels today!


Can anyone create viral Instagram Reels, or is it reserved for influencers?

Absolutely! Viral Reels are within reach for everyone. With the right tips and creativity, anyone can create content that resonates with audiences and goes viral.

How important is it to post Reels consistently for growth?

Consistency is key. Posting Reels 3-5 times a week increases visibility and engagement, contributing to sustained growth.

Can Reels from Instagram be shared on other platforms like TikTok?

Yes, cross-promoting your Reels on platforms like TikTok can drive additional traffic to your Instagram, boosting overall follower growth.

Are hashtags crucial for Reel success, and where should they be placed?

Strategic use of relevant hashtags is recommended. They can be placed in the caption or comments, and thorough research ensures they align with your content.

How can InShot enhance Reel editing for better results?

InShot offers advanced editing features like color grading, transitions, text overlays, and more. Experimenting with these tools can elevate your Reels.

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