How long can Instagram videos be: Video posts on Instagram have very high value and engagement stats. While photos are one way of posting professional or personal posts, videos have been used as the primary format to share heavily on this social media. You can post videos on Instagram in the following ways:

  • Instagram story videos
  • IGTV Videos
  • Instagram posts
  • Instagram ads
  • Instagram live

How long can the videos be?

Instagram stories

15 seconds per story.

instagram stories time

Instagram stories are the most commonplace to share videos. There are tons of professional accounts who give daily updates about their businesses through these story videos. Especially e-commerce on Instagram shows that this is the key element of their advertisement. Usually because of the restricted length of these videos the admin posts series of videos to update their products regularly. 

IGTV Videos

15 seconds to 10 minutes. 

igtv videos time

For those who don’t know, IGTV is a standalone app. It was developed by Instagram to provide better video content and enable the platform to the outreach that it gained potential for. This app works for both android and iOS. Its basic features are also available within the regular Instagram app. 

When you download the 140 MB IGTV, you will be able to login using the same Instagram profile credentials. The video size and duration restrictions would be about 15 seconds to 10 minutes, sizing not more than 650 MB. However, there is more to it. 

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For users who have verified accounts the stakes are a little higher. They are allowed to post videos that are as long as 60 minutes. This video file can be about 3.6 GB in size. 

If you are someone who uses Instagram not just as a personal social media but also to read, sell, buy or any other activity that possesses professional potential, then this app and its features are really helpful for you. IGTV is being used by both growing and established admins for their Instagram profiles. Profiles of garyvee, therock and many other celebrities and motivational speakers have provided great content for users all around the globe using Instagram. If you are someone who wants to seek the benefits of Instagram in its most professional form then IGTV could be a very good way to reach this. 

Instagram posts

1 minute. 

instagram videos time

Instagram posts are meant for permanent content that you might want to be displayed regularly on the profile. Most people tend to have them redone over a month. While personal videos can be there till you delete. They can be one minute long which is a very decent duration for feed posts. 

This format of post video on Instagram works as a common point for any type of profile. They are used by both personal and business accounts in significant numbers. Being one of the first ways to upload videos, Instagram video posts allow the platform to be a potentially complete media-based social platform. 

Instagram ads

60 seconds.

instagram ads time

Instagram is serving as the biggest platform for social media advertising today. On average users spend most of their time on Instagram. This makes it a great place to seek attention for your business. Among all the video posting methods, ads are one official manner to post a minute-long video about your business and make it reach to the masses. 

Until this update by Instagram, the 15 seconds video series containing multiple videos was the routine technique for advertisements. This was not even accompanied by other marketing tools. As Instagram ads are officially their paid and marketing method for posting it allows you to use all the internal marketing tactics. The posts made through Instagram ads have great insights and outreach stats in terms of numbers and widespread audience.

Instagram Live

1 hour.

instagram live time

Instagram live brought a buzz on social media platforms. While both Facebook and Instagram have the feature, Instagram attracted some good number of eyes. It started with people going live to share thoughts, good time, and social status. But then the level of content escalated to sharing events, meetings and even live professional stuff. Speakers from around the world started to address the audience on live videos which gave a lot of boost to their profiles. Instagram live brought a great trend to the entire platform. 

As far as the duration restrictions are concerned, you can go live for 60 minutes in one go. Then you will have to wait for about an hour to go live again. After that, it is fresh again. So you can go live for an hour after every hour. Which is justifiable considering that going live for more than an hour has its challenges. Let us have a look at them. 

The Challenges of going Life

Instagram is mostly used on smartphones, especially for going live. No matter how expensive and capable your smartphone is it will show signs of heating when you go live. Also, the battery is an obvious issue. Going live for an hour can take 30-70% of your phone charging. This depends on the device you are using. In addition to these, the content that you want to show shouldn’t be more than an hour-long if it is for life.

You might be sharing an event that you wouldn’t want to keep doing for more than an hour. Even if it is for a live professional session it requires you to be there in front of the camera for an hour. Anything longer can be tedious for a speaker. 

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that Instagram has become one of the most active platforms in the world. It has an audience that pays attention to the content 24×7. It is available worldwide and has shown some impeccable results that other social media platforms have only dreamt for. The strategies and updates that Instagram has got since it was acquired by Facebook are simply amazing.

Visual content has gone beyond expectations on Instagram. These restrictions are important to ensure that the content creators are never overpowering the attention span of the audience. After all, it is them for whom the entire platform is created. These allowed durations are very apt for their types and for any type of content that is to be shared on Instagram.

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