Free Ad-credits by Google and Facebook: COVID-19 is getting worse every day now. Where analysis and numbers were showing leaps every week, now the effect of coronavirus is showing worse numbers every day. There is a lot of things that people are missing apart from death, infected and cured. 

The effect of the pandemic can be seen across communities. Tech giants Google and Facebook acknowledged and want to address the issue before it is too late. Therefore they are helping SMBs (small and medium scale businesses) by giving them ad credit so that they can run their business. This will help small enterprises to fill a lot of gaps, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 

Free Ad-credits by Google and Facebook


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The Alphabet subsidiary Google, one of the 4 tech-giants, is donating more than 800 million dollars to organizations, institutes, and SMBs. But they are doing it in a much smarter way and not only as monetary benefits. 

CEO, Sunder Pichai has said that this will help them in addressing the problems that this pandemic has caused to businesses and people. Let us see what constitutes the 800 million dollars. 

Google accounts for more than 50% of the total internet traffic every day. They impact our lives and especially the SMBs, in unimaginable ways. Even to look for a restaurant around, we google to get the best options. While the concept of organic growth helps significantly, paid ads that are linked to SMBs have helped them grow much better. They will help the ads marketing domino that google so strongly controls. Hence, the big announcement of giving ad credits to fight against COVID-19 was announced by Sunder Pichai, CEO, Google.

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The bulk of the deployed quotation will be as ad credits. Google could broaden their horizon and extend their help beyond governments and relief plans. Non-profit organizations will be given about 250 million dollars’ worth of credit ads. The WHO is also included in this. 

Apart from this, 340 million dollars will be given to small and medium businesses as ad credits. Google and its database will be looking for businesses that have been active for the entire 2019. These SMBs will be given free ad credits that can be used until the end of 2020. These are sure to help businesses remain active and not lose their customers. 

Some academicians and researchers are constantly studying medical help and working with the most required data that will help in tackling COVID-19. Google is giving $20 million as cloud credits the strengthen their computing power. These are the institutes that are working on treatments, vaccines, and regular data to control the spread. 


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Facebook is the largest available social media community in the world. The parent company to the most famous media platforms has decided to give 100 million dollars as ads credits and cash to help SMBs. 

Mark Zuckerberg said that he acknowledges damage to underserved businesses, and the threat to cope with them post coronavirus is scary. The credits are to help more than 30,000 businesses that are eligible as SMBs and have been active on the platform. The help is not limited to the USA. As of now, these businesses are spread across 30 countries where Facebook operates. 

There are several reasons that Facebook analyzed to help SMBs during this challenging period. While large scale businesses face loss for the duration, SMBs can be pushed to the verge of shutting down. These funds will help them in keeping the business team strong, ensuring customer bonds remain healthy and can be extended, rents that SMBs have to pay, and other operational costs. 

Facebook shares were positive by a very small margin, and their stocks have lost 32% in the peak month of the coronavirus. But the uncertainty of SMBs and their functioning is alarming. Hence, Facebook Inc. will help the economic situation of these 30,000 SMBs to the best of their potential.

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The awareness about the same was spread by COO(Chief Operating Officer), Sheryl Sandberg who tweeted that SMBs are the heartbeat of our communities. They make up a considerable proportion of the workforce around us, and any damage o them will result in the downfall of the communities. Therefore in this enormous challenge, they decided to do their part too. 

Sandberg also told that data being provided to read on their platforms is very crucial to keep the mindset of people right. Therefore any wrong information on their ads will be down no matter what the source is. Instead, the same ad space and credits can be provided for the betterment of these businesses and the health organizations working around the globe to help fight against coronavirus. 

Facebook has also provided the WHO with free ad space to respond to COVID-19 strongly. They have stated that the WHO will be provided with as many ad credits as they need. Not only that, the social media giant is also focusing on every potential health organization that will be able to help the global population. This includes national ministries of health, CDC, UNICEF. 

The execution is already visible when you browse “coronavirus,” and “COVID-19” Facebook will redirect you to the local health centers to reach out as quickly as possible. 

Final thoughts

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While institutes, both economic and educational, are on a temporary lockdown till the situations are better, small and medium businesses can go on permanent shut down if they are not helped. There are thousands of companies that have been struggling over the past two months, and it is incredibly humble and relieving by Google and Facebook, who acknowledged this plight. Not restricting the hep to one country and taking a global initiative to help the economy is a great step. There are government reliefs and funds that are being planned for recapitalization and economic benefits. But it is obvious that unless the help is made reachable, it will merely diffuse. With this both, the companies have given stability to most of the companies that need it the most.

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