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What we learn in PROGRAMme

Instagram is updating each section so no one really knows what the exact algorithm is but what trends in Instagram makes us aware of how Instagram is behaving towards the posts. Knowing what Instagram is focusing on can really change the game and gain you thousands of followers.

Working on something generic can really create a fuss. People get confused on what to follow. Learning the technique and ways to find your MICRO NICHE can give your profile a real boost.

Not everything works on Instagram, It’s not TikTok. You get views on quality and by quality I mean concept. The Internet is full of ideas, but where to look for it is what is important. Know the best websites to search from and create an extraordinary content

Everyone on Instagram is yelling to engage but is anyone showing how to engage with people?
Engaging with the community can really be useful to gain some quick followers and build a community, but only if it’s done right. Know all the secrets on how to create an amazing engaging community to help your engagement rate skyrocket

Hashtags is the biggest thing talked about. It’s a mystery which needs to be solved, Know how to research hashtags, how to find the working set and how you can use this set to benefit yourself

Ads is what helps you get the major boost. I run ads as well and get super amazing results for my feed. The secret behind getting followers for the cheapest rates is revealed. Know all about Instagram ads, targeting and what helps you get followers.

Ever wondered how verified celebrities watch your story?
Ever wondered why motivational pages despite having millions of followers only get thousands of likes?

Know the real secret behind flipping of accounts, automations and also how celebrities see your stories

Well, you really don’t learn anything if you don’t do things yourselves, I will share some of my best case studies in this section and will help you get the best out of these workshops

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Additional Perks

How to find Clients

Finding clients can be a problem especially when there are thousands of people doing the same thing. Out to outwork them and get in front of the race? Know the secret of finding a client and closing the deal.

Make money from Instagram

Monetizing from Instagram is not a problem. The problem is to know how to monetize your account. There are 1000s of ways to earn from Instagram. Let's explore them together

How to Collaborate with Brands

Are you an Influencer and not getting any collaborations? Well, its because you are not pitching the right way. Know the tricks behind the collaborations.

90 Days Road Map

The program doesn't end with session. You will get a roadmap of 90 days which will help you create and curate content and also grow exponentially.

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